Basic Web Site

Content Managed

Custom Designs

Basic Web Site


You supply all the text, company branding and images for up to 5 pages and we'll do the rest. You will need to provide us with a navigation tree (we will help you with this). You will have a choice of vertical navigation or horizontal and you can have drop down menu's as well.


We will use your branding as a colour template and build a site based on this.


Whilst the site is static we do provide a contact us form which allows visitors to send you a message via your site which you will recieve directly via email.


Basic Web site Costs:


From £250 which includes the first years web space rental worth £100.


From £325 for the fully managed site which includes us doing your updates at your request. Price includes first years hosting worth £100. A special joint rate of £175 per year will apply from the end of the first year to cover both web space and maintenance.


All Prices exclude VAT, domain name purchase and renewals.

Content Managed website


Our content managed websites can be updated by a user through a browser via a log in screen. This option gives the flexibility for you to up date the content at any time from anywhere with internet access and a standard browser.


Set-up costs and installation takes longer on this model and requires specialist web space to run. There is some technical knowledge required by the user updating the site however we can as part of our managed option do the updates for you under a special maintenance agreement.


Costs of setting up a content managed website:


Site set-up and web space for the first year from £495 (includes first years web space worth £150)


Above plus fully managed site with us doing any updates at your request from £645  (includes the first years web space worth £150.) Costs per year thereafter is £300.


All Prices exclude VAT, domain name purchase and renewals. Prices above are based using our standard templates with colours amended to suit your logo and branding. Any bespoke styling and changes will be charged at an hourly rate. Contact us for details.


Custom or bespoke Design service


We offer bespoke or customised web site suited to your needs. We charge an hourly rate for bespoke designs and will be able to provide you with an estimate of costs.

Web site Design

We offer a full Web Design service from static websites to content management systems where you can edit content through a browser without the need for any special software.


We use the latest design tools to build your site whether it be for a Mobile, Tablet or Desktop computer.


If you don't have a website we can help you with buying your on line name (Domain Name) and Web Space (for hosting and email services). If you do have a website and think it's time for a revamp or perhaps a start from scratch then give us a call for a no obligation quotation.


How fast can my site be ready?

Depending on our schedule and type of site, you website can be up and running in a little as two working days. This assumes you have all the content (wording, Images and logo) and navigation links all ready to be placed in position and we'll do all the layouts, colours and placement.


Web site updates.

We also offer a maintenance and update contract so that we take the hassle out of the need for you or your staff having the need to be trained to update your website. Simply let us know what changes you want (images or text) and we'll do the rest. All for a fixed annual fee! Ask for details.


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